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New Hires


Virtual Staffer 4 U was created to make sure that we deliver more than expert professional staffing solutions. We give our people the opportunity to live out their own life’s purpose. Whether it be quality time spent with their families or time spent to grow themselves through further education or whatever they need to better themselves. Why would our clients even care about that? Quality-driven people are happy. Happy people are more productive, filled with purpose and are better equipped to handle stressful situations. A quality-driven team improves morale and the lives of everyone involved.

A Call Center composed of quality-driven professional virtual assistants pre-screened to help your business thrive through excellent customer service.
Small actions can turn into large impacts!
Every small gesture of kindness (empathy, courtesy, a calm voice) can become a wave powerful enough to change the world around us.


Virtual Staffer's vision if to afford work-from-home professionals who do not have the ability to go to in-person work spaces.  To allow them to utilize their wealth of experience to help others achieve their goals.  Most importantly, for those with families, being a VA will allow them to spend quality time with their family at the same time bring income.

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